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thing with the snow. it's exiting stage right. here's the radar loop. it's pushing into the atlantic ocean. we still have snow over the delmarva and southern maryland. but everywhere else it is winding down, especially north when you really didn't see much at all. you've been sending me your pictures. brenda wise on facebook, thank you. leonardtown. yeah. a little bit more down in their neck of the woods. spiegels landing. nice fresh coating of snow there. and valerie waters in marshall, virginia, her flowers have some snow covering them. i think those are crocuses. we have warmed up a little bit. frederick is at freezing mark with sterling. 33, annapolis. mostly cloudy st. mary's and fredericksburg. 39. 42 in winchester. 42 in frederick. keep your facebook pictures
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coming. join my fan page. i will share them today. another look at your weather and how the workweek is shaping up in just a little while. >> yes, the calendar is almost turned over to april but mother nature has more snowflakes in mind for our area this morning. let's head over to derrick ward. derrick, you have one of the prettiest pictures in all of washington this morning. >> despite my presence in it, yes. >> oh, no. >> take a look at the cherry blossom festival. you know, it's hard to believe that not a couple hours ago it was covered with snow. take a look. early snowfall here before sunrise. the peak happened around 6:00 a.m. and it didn't do damage to the blossoms, thank goodness. low temperatures they are able to withstand. wind can cause a few problems, but didn't have any of that.
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the temperatures and even the early snow didn't stop people from coming out. >> and because there was snow on the ground today i just thought i would come out and see if i could catch some snow on the trees. >> did it make it more interesting or a little unusual to see snow on the cherry blosso blosso blossoms. >> not really being in d.c. it takes really good pictures. >> did you manage to get some pictures. >> wonderful pictures. >> wonderful pictures. we do this every year. every year. >> wonderful pictures, indeed. one of the main stays of the festival, the kite festival was scheduled for today. that has been postponed because of the weather. they think the temperatures and precipitation aren't good -- don't make for good weather to go out and fly a kite. however, they will announce a new date for the kite festival tomorrow. >> derrick, see a lot of green behind you, so the snow has clearly melted around you.
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you enhance the picture. don't ever expect anything else. thank you, derrick. >> all right. the cold temperatures have people worrying about what will happen to the cherry blossoms. they braved the cold this weekend to see the beautiful blossoms. just in case mother nature decides to bring more wintery weather and possibly damage them. but officials from the national park service say do not worry. the cherry blossoms are hardier than they look. >> this shouldn't affect them at all. there's the petal to the stem is still very strong and very resilient. >> crews in around the district were certainly ready for the snowfall. crews pretreated the roads yesterday morning as precaution. maryland crews took care of i-270 and i-95. the roads not slippery at all, just a bit wet.
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a montgomery county police officer is on leave after a shooting outside a busy strip mall. according to police, the man came in the corner jewelry store, which is going out of business, and was acting erratically. the store clerk ran to a nail salon next door to get help. police showed up and say the man charged at an officer with a broken bottle. according to vettors, the officer tried using a taser first, but then had to draw his gun. a worker from another store questions why there was trouble to begin with. >> they were moving out today. they're closing. they took all their cases out by noon. and i never even saw the guy. >> the man who was shot is expected to survive. police plan to charge him with assault. starting just after midnight it will cost a bit more to take a taxi in the district. starting at 12:01, very early monday morning, d.c. will add $1 full surcharge to all cab rides. the taxicab commission
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recommended the fee to off set the rise in fuel prices. the surcharge will last through july 25th. the fee does not apply to taxis that travel to maryland and virginia. it is not too late to join nbc 4 at the national mall for the fifth annual national walk for epilepsy. the walk kicked off a few minutes ago at 9:00. there are entire events running into noon between madison and jefferson drives. the walk has raised $4 million in the past four years. organizers hope to make this year's event the biggest yet. a pioneer for women in politics, geraldine ferraro, died saturday morning at the age of 75. in 1984, ferraro made history by being the first woman to run on a major party's presidential ticket. >> reporter: no one had ever been there before. the democratic candidate for vice president.
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>> america is the land where dreams can come true far all of us. >> reporter: jir >> reporter: jirld ian ferraro become the running mate for walter mondale in 1984. >> this is an exciting choice. >> reporter: what "time" labeled a historic choice. the daughter of an italian immigrant. >> i was a teacher. i was a prosecutor. i've spent six years in congress. i know the issues. >> reporter: pressed on her toughness. >> could you push the nuclear button? >> reporter: i can do whatever is necessary in order to protect the security of this country. >> including that? >> yeah. >> reporter: ferraro fought back. >> let me help you with the difference, ms. ferraro, between iran and the embassy and lebanon. >> let me just say, first of all, that i almost represent,
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vice president bush, about your attitude that you have to teach me about policy. >> reporter: president reagan and vice president bush won reelection. and there were personal setbacks. married more than 50 years. her husband convicted in 1985 for financial fraud. twice ferraro ran for u.s. senate but failed. then in 1998 she was diagnosed with an incurable form of bone marrow cancer. >> i don't want to have a big "c" on my face because that's not me. i'm still going to go on and do the things i do. >> and she did. a writer and political commentator. a grandmother who said she looked back with no regrets. >> my marriage has been spectacular. my kids were wonderful. and i look at what comes next. and for me i believe strongly in an afterlife. so i'm perfectly -- i'm
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literally perfectly content. >> reporter: geraldine ferraro gave women a big victory just being in the race. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, washington. such a rich life. moving on now. hydrant hooplah. still ahead, why these women are celebrating a brand-new fire hydrant. >> and the icc may not be completed just yet but you wouldn't know that if you trust wouldn't know that if you trust one popular website.
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it's 9:11 right now. the city of arlington was honored in a unique way yesterday. the navy unveiled its newest ship, the arlington, where it was properly christened by donald rumsfeld's wife.
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the ship honors the 184 people killed on 9/11 when a plane hit the pentagon, as well as the military and others who helped provide critical assistance on that day. the arlington will get "uss" prefix after it is delivered to the navy in december. not long after the arlington celebration, people in northwest washington held their own christening for something vital to their community. a half dozen people broke out the champagne for the new fire hydrant. they have been trying to replace the broken hydrant for three years. the problem was found in 2009 when it destroyed the house of a prominent washingtonian. peggy cooper kay fritz filed a $30,000 lawsuit claiming not enough water pressure for the fire department to put out the flames. a glitch on google maps may have you taking unnecessary turns or taking a turn that's
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not there just yet. it shows all 18 miles of icc complete. that's not the case. a man looking for directions from his landover office discovered the glitch and told the baltimore sun about it. if you drive it now, your gps will make it look like you're cruising through space over where trees used to be. 9:13, 34 degrees. let's check in with meteorologist kim martucci. kim, the snow is just about gone, i guess. >> it is. some of you are mailing me and e-mailing me and facebooking me of pictures of your for sitting yas with a nice coating of white on top. this day will improve. you are with us this morning. you are with us this morning. wa great looking lawn like this,
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if you're heading out to do errands or going to church this morning, you might be wondering what snow? it really did happen.
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meteorologist kim martucci is here with proof. >> yes. we love the pictures that you guys face book us. it puts it all into perspective. around d.c., this will quickly melt. southern maryland, three inches in some locations. let's scan our skies and show you what's going on. the snow has ended in the district. it hasn't been a windy snowstorm. so they're still fine. here it is on the satellite loop. we have peeks of sunshine in our studios on nebraska avenue northwest. so we are looking good as we say good-bye to snow and welcome spring. let's get with these pictures. jerry at ocean pines, maryland, only three inches. there's his for sitting yas to show you. and in hollywood you can see the kids's swingset in the backyard. nice coating of snow for her. almost three inches she says.
9:18 am
and sally of fairfax station has a nice coating on her back deck. it is 33 degrees. it's about 20 after 9:00. 30, martinsburg. 31, leonardtown. culpepper is 34. today, upper 30s from warrenton to fredericksburg. the clouds will hold on tight a little more there. to the north we'll break out in plenty of sunshine. 41 at our nation's capital today. as we compare our temperatures to the region, we're in the middle 30s. 30 in new york city. and 21, detroit. that's where the real cold air is. this system really scooted and stuck to what the model said. we're always happen when that happens. we'll have decreasing clouds this evening leaving us rather chilly. middle 30s later this evening. around 40 degrees, 6:00. sunset, 7:27. tomorrow morning it will be a cold onement middle 20s to 30 downtown. partly cloudy skies with a north wind. now here's the deal for the next
9:19 am
couple. i think monday and tuesday are great although chilly. you can wash that car on monday and get one or two days worth out of it. by wednesday, the rain showers move back in, knocking us back to 49. then on thursday, we're back into the 50s. and we'll stay there if not get warmer by the end of the week. friday will be that next hurdle with showers. saturdays looking a little cloudy but at least our first number is a 6 for the high temperature. we normally have a high temperature of 60. kimberly, not a bad way of getting our snow, a small dose with the flowers, something to talk about, and hopefully no trouble on the roads in southern maryland. >> right, exactly. kim, i was just checking out your facebook page. i like the doggy footprints. >> i didn't see that. >> it was just posted. you can go to kim martucci or kimberly suiters. we have posted pictures there.
9:20 am
with this weeks kidspost, here's eun yang. >> good morning. kidspost on tv, cherry blossom time, a contest to rhyme, and another spring sign. joining us once again is tracy grant of "washington post" kidspost. good morning to you. >> great to be here, eun. >> cherry blossom festival kicks off very soon. i love this time of the year. you explain the history of the cherry blossoms. >> right. in today's kidspost we explain where the first cherry blossoms were planted. who planted them, the history behind it, the stone marker. and we really want to encourage kids who have been thinking -- we've all been thinking more about japan these days. this is a really lovely way to go and think about the friendship between the united states and japan, this wonderful gift given from the japanese government 99 years ago. so we explore that in today's kidspost. and we encourage everybody to go
9:21 am
out and enjoy that. >> nice timely history lesson. >> it kicks off its annual poetry contest. i'm always amazed at the number of entries. >> this is just amazing. we typically get between 1,500 and 2,000 entries. kids love poetry. april is national poetry month. i do have to tell the people at channel 4 that the intro rhyme is not eligible for this poetry contest. but it's open to all kids ages 13 and under. one entry per child. must be original. deadline is april 4th. we will publish them at the end of april and share some of them on air. >> and you have awesome baseball books to share. >> the nationals begin the season on thursday. so just in time in tuesday's kidspost we have some really nice baseball books. roberto and me by dan gutman tells a little bit of a story of
9:22 am
a baseball player and humanitarian roberto clemente. this is a lovely picture book. it tells about ted williams and the last 400 season. these and a bunch of other baseball books in tuesday's kidspost. >> thanks so much, tracy grant. visit or i'm eun yang. we now know who two of this year's final four teams will be. hakim dermish has highlights from a very busy saturday of sports. first period, no score. caps on the offensive.
9:23 am
nicholas backstrom shoots. rebound to marco sturm. he beats kerry price. first goal as a capital. that's all the capitals would need. because when holpe was tested he turned away every montreal shot. holpe looking solid. he finished with 18 saves in the defense. playing well also. late third period. still 1-0, capitals. why not make it 2-0? there's a loose puck near the blue line. backstrom gets it at the top of your screen. sharing is caring. simmons's 26th of the season. caps blank the canadiens, 2-0. holpe earns his second career shutout and his sixth straight win. college basketball now. what do you think the headlines out of new orleans is? butler did it again. but what you find in the small print is just as impressive. bulldogs rallied from an 11-point second half deficit to stun florida in overtime and
9:24 am
advances to the final four for the second year in a row. the bulldogs had their hands full with the gators. second half, chandler parsons drives, dishes to titus for the dunk. florida would build an 11-point lead. looking good. back come the bulldogs. three minutes to play. sheldon mack uses the screen. goes to the bucket for two points. he had 27. the game goes to overtime. tied at 60. in o.t., under two to go. gators down, 69-67. irving walker pulls up from deep. big-time shot. florida takes a one-point lead. next trip down the floor for butler. max says anything you can do i can do better. knocks down the three-pointer. puts the bulldogs up for good. butler upsets florida, 71-70 in o.t. advancing on the final four.
9:25 am
the second year in a row. butler will play the winner of today's bcu/kansas game. all right. let's go to anaheim. walker and connecticut taking on arizona and the huskies. looking sharp. end of the first half. huskies up four. shot clock running out. walker pulls up with a man in his face. he beats the buzzer. 20 points to lead uconn. second half, connecticut up by one. wildcats breaking the press. kyle fog drives, passes to perry. baseline. wide open. he throws it down. arizona takes 53-52 lead. uconn has the lead again. derrick williams tries to pass. jeremy lahm for the steal. takes it all the way in for the two-handed dunk. finished with 19 points. uconn, seven-point lead. ten seconds to go. derrick williams tries a three-pointer for the win. too strong. jamel horn. his shot no good. that's it. uconn advances to the final four with a 65-63 win over the
9:26 am
arizona wildcats. the huskies will play the winner of today's kentucky/north carolina game. and in the women's ncaa tournament, georgetown plays number one seed connecticut noon in philadelphia. going for the first win in 18 years. turning now to soccer. d.c. united on the road last night taking on new england. coach ben olsen and the black and red trying to start the season 2-0. had a nice win in the home opener. eighth minute of the game, no score. revolution in black. great ball in the box for zach. check it out. ball goes off his arm, though. no call by the refs. he scores. clearly a handball, but the goal stands. charlie davies would score on penalty kick. d.c. united loses. 2-1 the final. that's your morning sports. i'm hakim dermish. have a great day. 9:26 right now. a chaotic scene in one libyan hotel. the terrifying claims this woman made and the scene that followed afterward.
9:27 am
and more disturbing news out of japan this morning. the radiation levels that have
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9:29 am
so we thought we were done with winter. it looks like spring out there but more cold, more snow moved into our area this morning.
9:30 am
the question is how long will it all stick around. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm kimberly suiters. aaron gilchrist is off this morning. you will see him this afternoon. it is sunday, march 27th. let's get to the latest on the snow. meteorologist kim martucci is in for chuck bell this morning. good morning, kim. >> kimberly, things are looking so much better. the snow is quickly moving out of the way. the sun is already shining again. no problems with the traffic. if you thought maybe you wanted to go see the blossoms today because of impending weather, don't worry about it. it's come, it's gone. it's not a big deal. some of you would disagree in southern maryland where you have two inches, some spots three inches. the snow is pulling away. there isn't much left. you have been facebooking me your pictures. i love how creative you're getting. here are the anticipated doggy footprints. this is from warrenton, virginia. a nice little coating.
9:31 am
we have seen more across southern maryland, leonardtown. two, two and a half inches down there way where it's 32 degrees. frederick warmed up to 34. this afternoon we'll take a stab at 40s. keep in mind the average high is around 60 or 61. so these temperatures are at least 20 degrees colder than what we should see for our cherry blossoms. hopefully doug ward was paying attention to my forecast and he bundled up for his live shot. how is everything looking? has the snow affected the cherry blossoms at all? >> not at all. i don't see them on the ground. i think they are none the worse for what little snowfall we did have. if you glance across the tidal basin it's a more typical scene than you would expect at this time of year. the temperatures, well, that's a whole different story. just a few hours ago, lots of snow on the ground. just a coating. take a look. this is the scene. the height of the snowfall in this area at least around the
9:32 am
tidal basin came around 6:00 a.m. this morning. and while it didn't cause much problem on the roadways it did actually bring some people out to take a look. >> i think it's really nice. it's very unusual for it to be so whiet and snowing. it's gorgeous. yeah. >> now, as we've been telling you, the smithsonian/cherry blossom kite festival has been postponed. they will announce a new date for that. don't despair. kites for peace is sponsored by a group called brahma kumaris. it's an international ngo. well, they will have kites in the air. this year they are dedicating their event to the children of japan. that festival gets under way at 10:00. live in the tidal basin. now back to you. >> i feel like you've been reporting from two different days. this morning, derrick, it was like the dead of winter.
9:33 am
now it really looks like spring behind you. >> i don't know where i am. >> thank you, derrick, for rising early for us to report this morning. >> thank you. this morning libyan rebels have entered the oil terminal of burr ga without a challenge. forces backed by leader mow gam gadhafi have retreated. president obama said the u.s. helped avoid a humanitarian catastrop catastrophe. the president will give a primetime address about the crisis in libya tomorrow. a libyan woman is making disturbing claims about the gadhafi regime. she stormed into a tripoli hotel and told foreign reporters that libyan government troops tied her up and raped her. john ray now tells us why the distraught woman never got to finish her story. >> reporter: her name is iman and she has a terrifying story
9:34 am
to tell. she's been raped repeatedly, she says, by gadhafi's militia. she is shouting. somehow she's escaped and come to the hotel where the media is staying. but her moments of freedom are fleeting. the menacing man is from state security. journalists who try to intervene are pushed aside. in the melee, cameras are smashed. and i see one of the thugs pull a handgun from his jacket. she tries to run. they throw a blanket or bag over her head and bundle her away. the woman who came to see us this morning is now being held
9:35 am
in the garden and being questioned by secret police. if what we have seen already this morning is any indication as to how she will be treated in the future, then you really worry for her. are you okay? >> no. >> are you okay? >> no. >> a few minutes later, security men drag her off. >> we're worried about her. where are you taking her? they tell her she's going to the hospital. but we know they're taking her to prison. later the authorities insist her safety is guaranteed. there's no one to bear witness. john ray, nbc news, tripoli. now to japan. the efforts to control the nuclear power plant in japan seem to be failing as officials discover that highly radioactive water is leaking into the pacific ocean. the u.s. is now helping with the radioactive disaster sending in
9:36 am
ships with hundreds of thousands of freshwater, thousands of gallons, rather, have help cool that reactor. meanwhile the death toll has climbed to 11,000 dead with another 18,000 missing. japanese soldiers and u.s. marines are working together to clear away debris from the quake and the tsunami to recover more bodies from the rubble. former president jimmy carter is scheduled to head to cuba tomorrow and discuss the case of a maryland man detained while he's there. cuba's foreign relations ministry says the former president's visit will include a meeting with cuban president raul castro and cardinal ortega. gross says he traveled on a work visa to help improve internet access in a small jewish community. he was arrested in december of 2009. the 61-year-old worked for development alternatives, based in bethesda. if d.c. seemed a little darker than usual last night it's because the lights were off.
9:37 am
all over the world businesses and iconic buildings turned off their lights for an hour as part of earth hour. the world wildlife fund started earth hour five years ago as a show of support for the environment. landmarks like the empire state building, sydney famous opera house and christ the redeemer went dark for an hour to race awareness of climate change. still ahead this hour, a young woman with big dreams needs your help reaching then. [ male announcer ] verizon believes
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this morning's wednesday's child is a young lady we introduced you to before. her name is sierra. since she's waiting and hoping for a forever family, we're taking the opportunity to let you meet her once again. here's barbara harrison. >> hi, sierra. >> hi, barbara. >> so good to see. >> you you too. >> international spy museum. i know you want to be a lawyer some day. did you ever think you might want to be a spy. >> it's cool. i like gadgets. >> we met museum director peter ernest. >> it's good to meet. >> you once a spy himself during hesitate 38-year career with the cia, peter offered us a tour and
9:41 am
a first-hand view of what it's like to be undercover. >> when people talk about i have a cover, that's when i pretend to be somebody else. >> sierra was fascinated, especially when given her own cover, a new identity as a spy. >> here's what i want you to try and remember. that's your name. >> jane myer. >> and you're what. >> female. >> okay. >> and how old are you? >> 13. >> and how old are you really? >> 12. >>? real life, sierra has had to make some changes. five years ago at 7 years old she became a foster child. >> she came to the system due to instability in her home. >> she says sierra is a bright youngster who adapts well to new situations. >> sierra is very friendly, very outgoing. she's very inquisitive. she really thirsts for knowledge. >> she's very interesting but wants to be a lawyer some day. >> i want to be a lawyer.
9:42 am
because lawyers like to debate. and i like to debate. >> but right now, more than anything, she wants a permanent, loving family. >> tell me about the kind of family you would like to have if you were going to be adopted? >> i want to have a fun family, a family that's loving. >> the family we're really looking for is a family that will build upon her strengths to encourage her and to motivate her and along with love she will flourish and be very successful. >> in the bag, among oth things was a t-shirt with a message. >> deny everything. >> it's no secret. sierra would like to share everything with a family. barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. >> what a charming young lady. if you have room in your home and heart for sierra please call our special adoption holt line. that number is 1-88-to-adopt machine me for log to to
9:43 am
9:42. let's check in with kim with another look at our chilly weather. >> our chilly weather started off with snow. now the sunshine is starting to break through the clouds. right into next week.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
if you were up before 7:00 a.m., you saw sunshine. >> hey, kimberly, it is pretty nice outside. i love the surprises from mother nature. at least you can roll with the punches and get the things done that you need to get done outside. wait, there were flowers lining my driveway. they are buried in southern maryland. as we look around, things are looking good here. sun is beginning to poke through the clouds. traffic moving along nicely.
9:47 am
we're in pretty good shape. let me tell you about hour weather headlines. how rare is the snow event? well, let's put it into perspective. april 7th, 2007, we had .04 in d.c. over the last 50 years between mid-march and late april, we have had .1 or more at least 15 times. it's not super unusual to get snow this late -- or this early into spring i guess i should say. as for the radar, the snow is ending. southern maryland has snow showers on top. for the rest of us, it's coming to an end. southern maryland seems to have picked up the most. here are pictures. hi there, hollywood. there are the flowers underneath the two or three inches. thank youing fellows for finding me on facebook and sharing. that ended that as well. ann preston from north stafford, virginia. her back deck has that nice little inch or two accumulation.
9:48 am
la plata, frederick. 31 in winchester. 33 downtown. annapolis and quantico. charlottesville too. winter weather advisory pushes south and east and goes over to the delmarva. you guys are going to be the last to see the snow showers end. leaving you with mostly cloudy skies. around 40 in upper marlboro. 41, d.c. warrenton, 39. and the warmest place winchester to martinsburg, frederick where you have the least snow and the most sun today. here's how it looks on the larger picture. all this snow meant rain farther south. we have clear skies over the great lakes. that's what's going to be nosing in our direction so that it decreases our clouds tonight bringing us down between 35 and 40. sunset, 7:27. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and cold. 25 to 30. but the clear weather takes us into monday and tuesday. back into the upper 40s to near
9:49 am
50. so two good days in a row. showers. 49 on wednesday. thursday is nice again. on friday, that is when we have another chance for some showers coming in. oh, it's a little cold so it doesn't want to show the graphic too quickly. but those showers means highs in the 50s. and it looks like saturday we'll have a high near 60 with mostly cloudy skies. a shower then as well. but it looks like our snow is done. the sun is coming back out between now and wednesday. nothing but clear selling. so looking pretty good. >> the gremlins really crept in your weather system this morning. what next? thanks a lot, kim. >> okay. >> 9:49. 39 degrees outside. how cool would it be to have your name on your very own rest stop? we'll tell you how that could we'll tell you how that could actually happen when
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nbc washington is your place for politics on sundays. chris matthews show follows news 4 today this morning. then meet the press with david gregory. let's check in with chris and david to see what's coming up this week. >> good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on the chris matthews show, the whose changes every president. why did barack obama go from campaigning against the war in iraq to championing the attack on libya? how does he draw a distinction
9:54 am
between george w. bush and his decision on libya? plus, one of the four serious gop candidates for president is openly running as southern alternative to barack obama. can he play up his old boy persona without sounding racially insensitive. join me for a great roundtable. for a look at what's coming up on meet the press, here's david gregory. >> thanks, chris. good morning, kimberly. questions remain about the role of the u.s. and what happens if gadhafi clings to power. secretary of sat hillary clinton and secretary of defense robert gates. and critics from both sides of the aisle using force without consulting congress. joining me ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee republican senator richard lugar, plus our political roundtable all coming up this morning on meet the press. a store in new york will get
9:55 am
to cash in on this week's mega millions drawing. the person who won has not come forward yet but we know that person bought the ticket at this convenience store in albany. the store will get a $10,000 reward for selling the winning numbers. the owner was at a ski resort when he found he had ties to that winning ticket. $19 million minus taxes over 25 years or one-time, $198 million payout. wow. one day you could rest your eyes and take a break at the jim vance rest stop in virginia. someone loves jim this much. i know they do. they are selling naming rights forest stops to help save taxpayer dollars and keep all 42 rest stops open. the transportation department says any and all proposals will be considered. right now the rest stop cost
9:56 am
virginians $20 million every year just to keep them open. are you heading out to the cherry blossom festival? if so, we want to see your pictures of the beautiful blossoms, especially if you got them with snow coming down on them. e-mail them to ic at n-- isee a >> gosh, how did we communicate before facebook, despite. >> i know. such a great tool. such an interesting morning. all the snow. now sunshine. >> the perfect way to have snow nice and early on a sunday morning. the rest of the day looks great. if you're heading to the cherry blossom festival, don't be scared off by the weather. it's all done. >> it is only 38 degrees. >> but we're going to 41. >> bad news, good news. that's its for news 4 today. thanks for joining us. wake up with us monday morning at 4:30 a.m. until then, have a great day. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond,
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